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SINCE 1922

Since 1922, Bible in the Schools has provided Hamilton County public school students in grades 6-12 with the opportunity to study the Bible in their classroom. These courses, offered as electives, allow students to study the Bible from a literary or historical perspective. The Bible History program consists of five elective courses taught from a viewpoint-neutral, court-approved curriculum. Electives are funded entirely through generous donors of the Hamilton County community and beyond. The Hamilton County Bible History program is inclusive to students from all walks of life and seeks equal access for all public school students. Bible in the Schools is entering its 100th year.

In an ever-changing culture, there are very few things that stay the same. The Bible, however, has stood the best of time and remains one of the cornerstone texts of world history and the narrative that has arguably had the most profound influence upon Western literature and the culture around us. Generations upon generations have also turned to the Bible for hope and direction." - Mrs. Cathy Scott, President, Bible in the Schools