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BLOG: Students Follow the Loudest Voice They Hear

July 7th, 2016

If you are new to the mission of Bible in the Schools, you might be asking yourself, "What is so special about having Bible history taught in the public school classroom?" Perhaps you are even wondering if the Bible is even necessary these days. At Bible in the Schools, we recognize that for literally thousands of years, different races and ethnic groups as well as different generations and cultures all over the world have benefited from the Bible. The Bible has been valued for its wisdom and truth, its life-affirming values, and its beautiful narrative offering hope and a different path. Bible in the Schools believes that offering this same hope to the next generation is still as important today as it was to generations of the past. Aside from the Bible still also being the world's most influential book, I will share with you one of many reasons we believe the youth of today should have the blessing of being able to study the Bible in the public school classroom.

Many students in today's public schools are living with huge deficits in their lives. Sadly, these are often linked to rejection and hurt caused by someone who perhaps never recognized their value and worth, or who treated them in a manner less than they deserved. One of the consequences of this is that many students have deep and legitimate needs in their lives that are unmet. Consequently, they are often motivated to fill this void by turning to things that only leave them even emptier in the end. For some, it's the longing to be deeply loved, esteemed, and valued, or simply treated with respect and dignity that leads them to chase after the temporal satisfactions offered by our culture that “promise” fulfillment. For others, filling that void simply means following the loudest voice they hear.

Cognizant of this, for 94 years Bible in the Schools has been seeking to provide public school students with the opportunity to elect a Bible history class, so they too can be exposed to a new and different path and a positive voice. Bible in the Schools also recognizes that just as the winds on the sea are a power–source that can enable a sailboat to either stay its course or be swept away, the winds of the culture are strong and are sadly steering many beautiful young lives off their trajectory and into deep and uncharted waters. Without a moral compass to provide direction, many of our youth are like vessels -- ill–equipped for rough seas; and many capsize and fall prey to the things, ideologies, and attractions that lure them most persuasively.

Bible in the Schools is an organization seeking to provide public school students with a moral compass, a path with direction, and a hope to help guide and strengthen their choices. Now offered in 19 public schools, Bible history classes are exposing over 3,500 students to the positive winds of biblical ethics and to the life-changing hope of the Bible. We believe that over time, what students take away from their classes will help them learn how to better navigate the turbulent waters of life and more effectively pilot the high seas of tough circumstances. It is thanks to you and to your generosity that Bible in the Schools is able offer public school students this wonderful and life-changing opportunity. Thank you!

Cathy Scott
Posted by Cathy Scott, President | Topic: BITS  | Category: Youth Culture